Gonzalo Garrido-Lecca is one of Latin America's most prominent composers of his generation. He has received several awards and recognitions for his works, which include compositions for orchestra, chamber ensembles, electronic media, and voice. He has also written incidental music for theatre, film, choreographies, and video art. Among his most important works are Solar, and Tarkas, both for large orchestra; Alemí, for chamber ensemble; and the triptych De la tierra la más allá..., for small orchestra, which includes the pieces Danza de la tierra, Alto sobre las nubes, and vuelo al más allá. Among his chamber works Octatonic Dances, for clarinet flute, and piano; Fábulas, for flute, viola, and piano; and Trio ritual, for violin, clarinet, and piano stand out. Gonzalo Garrido-Lecca is committed to the creation an all-inclusive musical language that incorporates the influences he has received during his development as an international musician, in an organic amalgam. These influences include post-spectralism, classical and romantic music, pre-Renaissance polyphonic techniques, jazz, rock, hindustani music, and folk music from different regions of the world, fundamentally that of Latin America. His recent works La feria Maravillosa, for small ensemble, and Rituales Ancestrales, for string orchestra exemplify this approach.

Born in Lima, Peru, he received musical instruction at the National Conservatory of Lima, and at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid, in Spain. After a residence in France, and a return to his home country, he continued his studies in the United States at Michigan State University, where he obtained a doctoral degree in composition presenting his Concerto for Bass Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra as his doctoral dissertation. He also received a master's degree in music theory from this institution. His mentors include his father Celso, Enrique Iturriaga, Oscar Zamora, Antón García Abril, Manuel Seco de Arpe, Manuel Martínez Burgos, Jere Hutchinson, Ricardo Lorenz, Teresa Quesada, Marina Pavlovna, Lydia Hung, Alicia Diaz de la Fuente, among many others.

Mr. Garrido-Lecca is also a dedicated music teacher, and participates regularly as a pianist in performances of his own music. He plays tennis regularly, is leaning conducting, and currently lives in Chicago, Il.